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Supporting the compatibility of family life and profession

  • Stand: Dezember 2009
  • Verfügbarkeit: Verfügbar als PDF

Eine Mutter hilft ihrer Tochter bei den Hausaufgaben. © Fotoagentur FOX/Uwe Völkner

The New Quality of Work Initiative published six brochures for a better health and safety of healthcare workers.

To support the implementation of quality- and health-promoting work designs in nursing and care facilities, the initiative has made available six brochures in collaboration with the Institute of Work and Technology in Gelsenkirchen which developed six brochures together with its partners as part of the project "Activity Aids in Nursing Practices".

These brochures address the most significant stresses for employees - time pressure in healthcare, leadership, communication and interaction, compatibility of family life and professional life, nursing patients with dementia and the debureaucratisation of nursing. The brochures can be downloaded.

The New Quality of Work Initiative is a joint project of the Federal Government, the States, social insurance institutions and the social partners. All members of the initiative approach the promotion of a new quality of work as a very important task, and equally common challenge for the future. Healthy work conditions for nurses and caregivers are the goal of the initiative.

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