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Demographic Change and Employment - A Call for New Corporate Strategies

  • Stand: März 2005
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Die rechte Hand einer älteren Frau bedient eine Computermaus. © Fotoagentur FOX/Uwe Völkner

The message has got through: our society is growing older. The number of young people is continually declining; the number of older people is increasing, whilst the overall population figures are dropping. The reasons for this are now also familiar: declining birthrates coupled with rising individual life expectancy.

In the world of work, this demographic change is already being felt. The phenomenon of ageing workforces is already apparent today, and the ageing process will accelerate.

Unlike in other major industrial nations, government, business and the social partners in Germany have for many years fostered a systematic reduction in the age of the workforce. Many companies have already recognised the signs of the time and have developed remarkable approaches towards a demographically appropriate labour and personnel policy. The New Quality of Work Initiative aims to bring together and enhance these approaches and to contribute towards their rapid dissemination in business and society.

With this memorandum and the "30, 40, 50 plus - healthy work into old age" campaign, the New Quality of Work Initiative therefore intends to foster the following:

  • that business and society develop a more constructive, realistic picture of the skills and abilities of older people,
  • that they deploy and utilise these skills and abilities better,
  • that corporate health policy aims to safeguard the work ability of the younger members of the workforce in the long term,and
  • that the productive collaboration of younger and older workers develops into a factor driving corporate success.

We are firmly convinced that the New Quality of Work Initiative is the ideal instrument to accelerate the necessary change into "demographics-proof" companies.

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