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Ergonomic Workplace and Organisation Design in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

  • Stand: März 2007
  • Verfügbarkeit: Verfügbar als PDF


Zwei Metallarbeiter mit Schutzhelm an einem Flaschenzug. © Fotoagentur FOX/Uwe Völkner

The competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises can be increased through ergonomic workplace and organisation design just as much as the safety and health of the workers. Which methods lead to success is demonstrated in the following, taking the example of the casting cleaners’ workplaces at Keulahütte Krauschwitz GmbH. With this brochure, the New Quality of Work Initiative Production aims to invite companies to successfully combine competitiveness with occupational safety and health. We also want to sensitise people to the fact that the "quality of work in production" develops in a dynamic process and must always be re-adjusted. The practical description of the process is intended to make it easier to transfer the potential solutions to your company.

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