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Noise in Educational Institutions

  • Stand: Januar 2008
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Coverfoto zeigt konzentrierte Schulkinder an ihren Tischen im Klassenzimmer. © Fotoagentur FOX/Uwe Völkner

"Joint action, everyone on his own responsibility" this principle of INQA has proven successful in practice. Under the auspices of the Initiative, specialised working circles have been formed called Thematic Network Groups. The Groups draw up targeted activities for individual key issues and implement them autonomously. The knowledge gained is transferred into company practice. Whether an employer, employee representative or health expert - every INQA action group is open to individuals who want to get things done.

This brochure gives an introduction to the problem area of "acoustic ergonomics in educational institutions" and describes the current state of knowledge, the objectives envisaged and the approaches already adopted in practice. The work of the Thematic Network Groups is based in particular on the research reports "The Stresses and Strains Suffered by Teachers", "Noise in Educational Institutions - Causes and Reduction" und "Acoustic Ergonomics of School" from the publication series of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

The present brochure describes the acoustic-ergonomic parameters of educational institutions taking mainly the example of school teaching. But the relationships described can be applied to many other kinds of educational institution:

  • kindergartens
  • schools
  • universities
  • adult education premises
  • and many more!

This brochure (ISBN 978-3-88261-589-0) can be ordered. Please order online (click button 'BESTELLEN' above).

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