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Taking the Stress out of Stress - A Guide for managers

  • Stand: September 2014
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You have probably a lot to do at the moment. Your employees are expecting clear instructions and objectives and your superior is waiting for results. Deadlines and meetings are packed into your appointment calendar and the next tasks are already in the pipeline. And then there is always a problem somewhere which cannot be put off, a change that throws all previous plans overboard.

Workplace pressures - often accompanied by feelings of stress – have risen tremendously among many workers in companies in recent years. The workload and diversity of tasks is constantly increasing while change and restructuring have become continuous features in many cases. Employees in modern companies often feel like they are riding a rollercoaster: The speed increases, the twists and turns come upon them ever more quickly and there can be a feeling of lack of control – one of the main contributory factors for stress. Workers rely on their managers to make the right decisions and generally look after their jobs and welfare, yet you as a manager are sitting in the front car of the rollercoaster, where everything is felt more keenly.

This brochure draws upon academic research and practical experience of leading companies to help raise awareness of stress, its causes and effects and offers some guidance on steps you can take to help yourself and your employees cope better with the complexities and demands of everyday working life.

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