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Taking the Stress out of Stress - A Guide for Workers

  • Stand: September 2014
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In the past, it was physical strains that affected workers. Mental stresses have become increasingly important in recent years. Because many people spend a large part of their day at work, it is obvious that working life can be a factor in this. Ultimately, you can decide whether you submit passively to the mental stresses that occur or whether you make changes in your work situation and personal approach to lessen or eliminate potentially damaging stress. You should place as much emphasis on maintaining or improving your mental health as people do on physical health, which has long been promoted through such measures as a "balanced diet" or "regular exercise".

Your employer is required to be committed to the mental health of workers, based partly on a duty of care but ultimately because it impacts on the performance of the company. Only healthy, efficient and motivated employees deliver economic success. Our brochure for managers and companies refers to the obligations and opportunities companies have in this respect. To sum up, an individual’s enjoyment of life and mental health are greatly influenced by the conditions created by his environment and by his individual actions, characterised by attitudes and strategies ( i. e. personal behaviour).

This brochure

  • outlines what you can do personally to identify the causes of mental stresses in your workplace and reduce or eliminate them. It shows the many ways, in both the workplace and at home, how you can cope with unavoidable pressures without your well-being or your mental health suffering. You will find information and advice here relating to 10 important areas of daily life, with advice on how to improve various situations. It shows what you can do to avoid “bad“ stress and how you can manage, in spite (or even because) of stress, to influence your work in such a way that it supports and improves your health and quality of life.
  • It also provides you with information on which areas you and your company can tackle to help promote job satisfaction, motivation and a healthy state of mind.

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