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What is good work? - That's what workers expect from their job

  • Stand: Juli 2007
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Titelbild zeigt jungen Arbeiter im Blaumann der eine grüne Maschine bedient. © Fotoagentur FOX/Uwe Völkner

With the project "What is Good Work? - requirements from the workers' point of view", INQA set out to survey the views of those affected, namely the employees. A team of scientists was commissioned to develop a theoretically sound and representative survey. The result was a comprehensive written postal survey which was conducted at the end of 2004.

The fundamental question was: What impairs and what promotes the well-being of a worker? The questionnaire took into account factors hazardous tohealth as well as those aspects of work which promote well-being and maintain health. The study shows in a representative overview how workers describe and assess their current working situation:

  • What requirements are placed on an office worker, a teacher, a salesman or a woman on an assembly line?
  • What areas of work come close to satisfying the ideas of good work and what tends to be perceived as an inappropriate load?
  • How do people see and experience their work?
  • Does the consideration of the Codes of Practice play a role?
  • How do people describe their working situation inside andoutside the company?
  • What worries them at present and what are they satisfied with?
  • Where do employees see the greatest need for action?

Answers were sought to these and other questions. This summary of the results relates exclusively to employees. In addition, the research report ("What is Good Work? - requirements from the workers' point of view", INQA-report no 19, Bremerhaven 2006) provides initial empirical findings on freelancers as well as on special occupational groups.

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