Issue Ambassador Prof. Dr. Jutta Rump

Our Issue Ambassador Prof. Dr. Jutta Rump introduces herself.

Photograph of the Issue Ambassador for Equal Opportunities & Diversity Jutta Rump.

As Director of the Institut für Beschäftigung und Employability (Institute for Employment and Employability, IBE) at the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen, I am Issue Ambassador for Equal Opportunity and Diversity for the Initiative New Quality of Work. I would like to support companies in increasing their innovation potential and attractivity as an employer.

Why am I Issue Ambassador for Equal Opportunities and Diversity?

For more than 20 years I have been working on combining work and family life, as well as on age-appropriate and "demography-proof" personnel policy, equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity management. I have worked on these issues in organisations, committees and other bodies, and through voluntary work. In the early 90s these things were often viewed as luxury issues and social romanticism. Thankfully, globalisation, changes in societal values and demographic change led to an acknowledgement of the significant macroeconomic importance of these issues. By now we can no longer afford to ignore certain sections of the labour market. In future, a healthy “mix” of employees will determine companies’ success. To ensure that this develops positively, the conditions need to be shaped and a change of perspective must take place. Work forces are not homogenous groups – quite the contrary, they are highly differentiated and diverse. Personnel policies with a scattershot approach will not suffice for companies to be considered attractive employers and to secure sought-after skilled labour – let alone to motivate employees. An individualised strategy and plan of action are needed, which highlight how diversity can be most effectively used in organisations. This challenge I continue to face with enthusiasm!

Why do I support the Initiative New Quality of Work?

I feel responsible for shaping the employment opportunities available to people and institutions involved in the employment process. I consider it an honour to accompany and support the work of a network which – as the Initiative New Quality of Work does – brings together the competences and experience of multipliers and partners from business, academia and government, and which makes these accessible to others. Together we share a vision and are pursuing goals centred on shaping the future world of work. In particular I enjoy contributing with practical advice to those issues which help strengthen the innovation capacity and attractiveness of small- and medium-sized enterprises and of their employees. So it is not just out of professional motivation that I would like to show employees how they can remain "fit for their job". More than ever before it is important for each individual to maintain their equilibrium, and to keep moving forward by actively contributing to strategies and ideas to this end. That is what the Initiative stands for – and that is what I stand for.

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