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A group of people of different ages are jogging in a forest.

Given the ageing workforce and longer working lives, it is necessary to strengthen the health of employees and to counter work-related stress and pressures. The Initiative New Quality of Work offers employers and employees numerous ideas on the issue of health.

Demographic change, longer working lives and higher pension ages, securing trained personnel – these societal changes have a direct impact on companies, making their efforts to facilitate and ensure the employability of their staff ever more important. For the Initiative New Quality of Work, maintaining and improving the employability of employees are crucial in ensuring the future success of a company. Particularly important are measures to increase wellbeing, strengthen motivation, and to protect and support the physical as well as mental health of employees throughout the duration of their working lives.

Many jobs are physically demanding and strenuous. Recent years have, however, also seen an increase in the complexity of work processes, a growing plurality of employment biographies, combined with growing demands for flexibility and performance – all of which have led to a significant increase in mental illness. A holistic approach to organisational health therefore also includes the early detection of the symptoms of burn out and of other psychological problems. Additionally, this includes offering suitable preventative measures in the working environment. This constitutes a new social challenge for decision makers in companies as every person’s mental, physical and social situation is highly personal. With the help of individual coping strategies employees themselves can also take targeted action to solve problems, address challenges and to resolve or avoid difficulties.

One thing is clear: Not only employees benefit from a holistic health management approach – a company does too. It benefits from lower fluctuations in personnel, more content and motivated employees, as well as fewer sick days and accidents. If work organisation and work design are built on the insights gained from employment and health research, then significant productivity gains can indeed be achieved. An appreciative leadership culture is also an important secret for success to help counter work-related stress and pressure. After all – a healthy workplace is made up of more than just having no accidents and no sick days.

Additionally and importantly, a clever health management system also increases the attractiveness of an employer. In particular in structurally weak areas or in those regions notably affected by demographic change, this represents a valuable opportunity to attract qualified employees – and to retain them.

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