Issue Ambassador Dr. Natalie Lotzmann

Our Issue Ambassador Dr. Natalie Lotzmann introduces herself.

Photograph of the Issue Ambassador for Health Dr. Natalie Lotzmann.

As Head of SAP Global Health Management & Diversity Germany, I represent the issue of Health in the Initiative New Quality of Work. Investing in healthy working conditions is not a question of social responsibility for me – it is also an economic and business imperative.

Why am I Issue Ambassador for Health?

For many years I have worked in the field of health – both in and outside the workplace – in particular at the interface between occupational medicine/health and safety, occupational psychology, and organisational needs.

Specifically, I am interested in answers to the following four questions:

  1. What keeps an individual healthy and enables them to perform sustainably (personal health)?
  2. What makes or keeps an organisation healthy and sustainably successful (organisational health)?
  3. What framework conditions do people need so that they play an active, mutually beneficial role in an organisation and so that they can develop as individuals? Here we are all faced with numerous challenges. Psychological and mental stress – which is also increasing as a result of demographic change – represent a significant challenge for a growing number of organisations in front of an increasingly international or global backdrop. Even if a number of health-related, basic, universal needs exist – needs which are independent of heritage, education and job and include things such as recognition, being valued, social support, security, a sense of purpose, perspective – the framework for these needs can differ significantly, depending on the organisational context. Factors such as sector, organisational size, culture, local or global orientation all come into play. This diversity is also reflected in the resources and instruments available to and needed by companies and organisations.
  4. So how can the optimal interplay between a company’s support (making opportunities and options available) and the personal responsibility of individuals be shaped - depending on the sector, size and culture in which this takes place?

Why do I support the Initiative New Quality of Work?

The Initiative New Quality of Work represents a unique national initiative which offers the opportunity for actors to learn from each other, for them to transfer proven models of good practice into their organisation, to gain access to expert knowledge and through targeted support to continuously improve framework conditions.

I am truly thrilled to be able to make a contribution to raising awareness within the political and corporate culture in Germany through my commitment as a member of the Initiative’s Steering Committee. I support the Initiative New Quality of Work out of my deep personal conviction that only partnership approaches are fit for the future. Because investing in healthy work is not a question of social responsibility for me – it is also an economic and business imperative.

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