Examples from Companies

What might innovative work design and structuring look like? Practical examples are available here.

An office with one work station at which to sit, and one at which to stand.

The Initiative New Quality of Work is looking for examples of good practice in shaping tomorrow’s world of work, and increases their visibility! The database "Top 100 – Good Business Practice" contains concrete examples of successful measures and solutions from business practice, which can serve as inspiration for other companies. Ranging from training concepts for older employees to measures to strengthen mental health and collective agreements which stand the test of demographic change – the database offers a wealth of ideas and inspiring information. With the database the Initiative is able to strengthen and promote the exchange of experiences between companies – and is able to do so in an uncomplicated, easily communicable way.

Each example in the database comprises a description of the initial situation, of the activities implemented as well as a summary of the outcomes. Additionally, key success factors of the measures implemented are summarised in a short evaluation. This provides companies with a concrete starting point and resource for them to learn from best practice.

German interactive map shows activities of the initiative

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