The Initiative’s Structure

Independent, Nonpartisan, equal, competent and Practical

A female manager speaks with her male colleagues.

The Initiative New Quality of Work brings together all those seeking to shape employment in Germany. Representatives of Federal and State-level government, associations and business institutions, trade unions, the Federal Employment Agency, companies, social insurance providers and foundations are all brought together under the umbrella of the Initiative. There they are able to engage in a constructive dialogue, with the Initiative offering a neutral platform for this.

The nonpartisan and cross-party nature of the Initiative’s work can be seen in its Steering Committee for example, which comprises an equal number of representatives from business and trade unions. The Federal Employment Agency and the Conference of Ministers for Labour and Social Affairs (Arbeits- und Sozialministerkonferenz, ASMK), are also represented in the Steering Committee, as well as the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, who finances the Initiative. Additional substantive expertise and practical insights are contributed by the four so-called "Issue Ambassadors". They represent one of the Initiative’s four strategic issue areas and their regular dialogue helps prepare the development of practical and easy to implement approaches for shaping the working environment.

Beyond this, the Initiative’s focus on practicability is ensured through numerous cooperations, specialised in different issues, sectors and regions. The Demography Network (ddn) for example is, with its 20 regional offices throughout Germany, the Initiative’s expert for challenges arising from demographic change and one of its Partner Networks.

Significant changes need societal debates and local implementers – and the structure of the Initiative New Quality of Work makes a contribution to this.

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