What the Initiative has to offer

Exchanging experiences, Learning from each other, Sharing Knowledge

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The Initiative brings together representatives from the government, business, research and society to discuss new approaches to modern personnel policy. Together they develop concrete and practicable solutions which support companies in shaping working conditions.

The Initiative New Quality of Work’s offerings are primarily targeted at small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who stand to benefit the most from exchanges with other actors. The Initiative’s offerings are, of course, also available for large companies. Via the Network and at the Initiative’s events, employer and employee representatives can find out more about current developments, trends and approaches, they can benefit from good practice examples, share their experiences and can receive tailored advice from experienced practitioners.

Instruments such as the Company Check "Good Mittelstand" (INQA-Unternehmenscheck „Guter Mittelstand") enable a thorough but straight forward analysis of where a company stands. Additionally, these instruments support the implementation of new approaches and new measures which help to better integrate quality of work with economic performance. The Company Check "Good Mittelstand" (INQA-Unternehmenscheck "Guter Mittelstand") is a self-assessment which helps SMEs to find out – in a practical and straight to the point manner – where they stand and how they can, for example, improve work and job design, internal processes and organisation.

The Initiative is also funding a programme for exemplary projects to continuously improve its portfolio, and to offer knowledge and tools which have been developed by experts from academia and business.

The Initiative gives companies the opportunity to learn from each other. A wealth of best practice examples from companies showcases concrete approaches and tools. Additionally, the Initiative’s publications provide easily applicable knowledge in compact and engaging formats.

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